Training without Internet Access

Can I record a workout without internet access?

TritonWear uses Bluetooth to function offline during workouts, allowing you to track your swim metrics in real-time. 

However, you will need Internet access at two points: 

1. At the beginning of your workout, connect the unit to the app and begin the workout. Once that connection has been made and the workout has started, turning your internet off is safe. The Triton 2 unit will send live data to nearby devices via Bluetooth or store all workout data on the unit itself.

2. To upload the data from the unit to your mobile or tablet after the workout, all you need is a Bluetooth connection (check the Bluetooth requirements here). A reliable internet connection is necessary to sync the workout to the cloud and across multiple devices.

I ended a workout but don't have internet access. Will I lose my data?

No, once a workout is ended on TritonWear, the app will close out all the workouts and upload them to the cloud. However, if you don't have internet access at the pool, it will store the workout on the device until the next time you connect to the Internet and upload the workout.

A TritonWear unit with untransferred workout data will indicate this with a YELLOW light, which will turn GREEN once the data has been successfully transferred, and you can then end the workout on your app.