Triton 2 Lights

This is a summary of each light colour you could see on your Triton 2 unit, and what it is telling you.

LED Light Indicators

Any colour combined with a flashing red light indicates low battery power, when you see this the unit should be charged as soon as possible. A new workout should not be started with a unit flashing red/blue, it will not likely make it through the workout, and could interfere with ending the workout properly. 

Normal Unit Operation

Below are the modes you will encounter during regular usage, along with their meanings and the associated actions:



User Action

No Colour

Unit off in a sleep state.

Press the power button to turn it on if desired. If the device detects no usage for 30 minutes, it will automatically power itself off to preserve the battery. 

Blue (solid)

The Unit is on but hasn’t received a command to start a workout.

Open the TritonWear app and begin a workout if desired, otherwise press the power button to turn the unit off.

Blue (pulsing)

The unit is on, plugged in and charging.

Continue to charge until the light stops pulsing. This indicates a full charge and the unit can be unplugged. 


The unit is on and connected to a Workout.

Continue training! If the unit should not be connected to a workout, power it off and back on to remove it from the workout session. 


Device On, In Workout, Metric has been generated but not yet sent out to your phone/tablet via BT.

Wait for sync or move closer to a mobile device, turn it on and open the app. The device should send data automatically.

Purple (blinking)

The unit is ready to upgrade or in the process of upgrading. 

Leave the unit in this mode until the upgrade is complete. If the unit ceases to blink, turn it off and back on and restart the upgrade using the app. 


Intervention Required

Below are the modes you may encounter if your unit requires intervention, along with their meanings and your corrective action: 



User Action

Purple (solid)

Firmware upgrade mode, the device awaiting a signal to upgrade.

If not attempting to upgrade, power the unit off and turn it back on to reset. The unit should return on with a blue light. 

Red (blinking)

Device On, however, the unit failed to initialize one of the sensors.

Turn the unit off and back on, and the light should come back blue. If it does not, repeat the power cycle process until it resets and powers on with a blue light. If unable to recover, submit a ticket for support assistance. 

Red (solid)

The device is on, however, it has not booted up properly and requires intervention to reboot.

Plug the unit in and unplug the unit a few times until the light switches to blue. If not responding, plug it in and jiggle the charging cable connected to the unit until the light switches to blue blinking.