Triton Score

Triton Score is a single digestible number that aggregates of all your data to capture how well you trained.

After every workout TritonWear simplifies all your workout data into one easy number that summarizes how well your workout went.


This is calculated by averaging your three performance scores:

Readiness + Focus + Intensity = Triton Score

Or in other words:

Training load status + Technical skill execution + Relative effort = Better Training

How will this help you to improve:

Triton Score works as a summary and as a snapshot. It will let you know if you had a good or poor workout.

    • If you're consistently seeing scores of  75+, your training is going well
      • For Readiness, aim for a 100, this means your training in your sweet spot
      • For Focus, anything over 75 indicates your technical execution is trending up
      • For Intensity, you want a score similar to your planned intensity, whatever that number is. For now, Triton Scores reward higher intensity, but that isn't always desired, so a low-intensity score may be best if your planned intensity was low
    • If your score begins to trend downward, dive deeper into your individual scores and recommendations to find the source and solution.