Understanding Metrics

TritonWear measures 30+ metrics every time you swim. This tutorial will help you understand the main metrics and categories.

Every time a Live Activity is recorded you will have live updates of two metrics on your tiles and six favourite metrics to choose from in your Activity Details. The Focus Metrics section will automatically calculate and display several more after the workout is concluded.

Some of these metrics you may be familiar with, and some will be new.

There are three major phases for metrics:

Take a look through this ebook explaining all 30+ metrics and their relationships with one another.

General Metrics

There are also some general metrics such as Pace (formerly known as Speed) and Split time.

  • Pace: refers to your average speed over full split (split time divided by pool length). Note that you can customize the units of measurement for speed from your settings during a Live Activity
  • Split Time: refers to your swimming time in milliseconds for the length.

These two are separate because they are the outputs of all the other metrics. If you want to improve on those, you have to improve specific techniques based on the other metrics listed in the three phases.