Triton 2 unit Placement

How the Unit is worn regulates data accuracy. But it's simple to wear it right!

There are just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to wearing a Triton 2 unit:


The unit should be placed just below the widest part of the head, just above the nape of the neck. It is slightly curved so that it fits comfortably against the head.
Unit Position (1)


The unit should be positioned perfectly vertically in the center of the head with the front of the unit (the black side with large red T) facing away from the head and the back (the white side with blue button) against the head.  
Unit Position (2)



For the best results, do your very best to wear it the same way every time. The unit will learn your unique swimming style, but it needs to be in the same position each time to be able to recognize your specific movements. If it is pitched to the right or left, upside down or worn backward, the sensors will not be able to orient and will collect inaccurate data. 

Also, the unit may shift in your cap during practice, especially if there is a lot of hair in there to compete with. So re-checking orientation throughout practice (just touch it and see if it's still vertical and in the right place) and adjusting if necessary can help to improve the accuracy of data as well.