Unlocking Athlete Detail: A Weekly Overview

The athlete details tab in your weekly reports summarizes all your swimmer's crucial details in one screen. Let's explore how to take advantage of this super-packed view.

Understanding the Athlete Detail Card

The Athlete Detail Card offers a quick, comprehensive snapshot of each swimmer's performance for the week, allowing you to have meaningful conversations and make informed adjustments to their training.

TritonWear weekly reports athlete details

Here's what you can find on the Athlete Detail Card and how to use it effectively:

Training Zone Summary

  • Zone Distribution Bar: At the top of the card, you'll see a training zone bar that shows how much time each athlete spent in zones 1 through 5. This visual helps you quickly assess the balance of their training efforts across different intensities and how differently athletes can execute the same workouts.
  • Planned vs. Actual Workouts: Below the training zone bar, you'll find a comparison of the number of recovery, aerobic, threshold, and speed workouts planned versus what each athlete actually achieved. This insight is crucial for understanding if the training is on track with the plan and where adjustments might be needed.

Activity and Risk Summary

  • Attendance: The attendance section shows how many workouts the athlete tracked during the week. This helps you monitor their consistency and commitment to the training plan and wearing their Triton Unit every practice.
  • Load Status: Here, you'll see if the athlete is training safely, overtraining, or undertraining, along with the associated risk level. This information is vital for preventing injuries and ensuring optimal performance.
  • Weekly Volume: This section displays the athlete's total tracked training volume during the week. It's a useful measure of their workload and helps ensure they're not over or undertraining.

Critical Swim Speed (CSS) Change

The CSS change over the last 90 days is broken down by butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. This metric doesn't just show speed improvements; it reflects if they've done enough threshold work in these strokes to enhance their critical swim speed. You can click on each stroke to explore further details.

Best and Worst Metrics

You'll also see each stroke's most improved and least improved metrics. This allows you to pinpoint areas where the athlete excels and where they might need additional focus.

Using the Athlete Detail Card

The Athlete Detail Card is an excellent tool for one-on-one discussions with your swimmers. Use it to highlight their strengths, identify areas for improvement, and adjust their training plans accordingly. It's also a great way to keep athletes engaged and motivated by showing them tangible evidence of their progress and areas where they can strive to improve. Regularly reviewing and discussing the Athlete Detail Card with your athletes can ensure they stay on track with their training goals and continue to improve their performance.