How is the load number calculated?

The load number is calculated by taking the volume of the session's workout multiplied by the Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE). The load number is a unit-less value.

Load number = volume * RPE/10

Volume is the total distance of the workout, and RPE measures the intensity of the workout.

After the coach ends the workout on TritonWear Live, athletes will be asked to enter their RPE and total distance on the coach's tablet:

  • What was your level of exertion during this workout? (0 = nothing at all and 10 = maximal)
  • What was your total distance for this workout?
  • Did you complete the entire workout?

The athlete will receive their load number for that session once they fill in this information. Total load for each day is provided in the Monday through Sunday weekly table view on the Load Monitoring page.

If the athlete is unable to enter their RPE on the tablet at the end of the workout, they will receive an email prompting them to input their RPE for the session. Athletes can also enter their RPE by logging into TritonWear Insights.