How to create and save groups of athletes to look at together?

There are 2 ways you can create groups through TritonWear Insights:

1. Manage Groups page

  • Click Manage Groups on the menu bar
  • In the Manage Groups page, click Add New on the top right of the page
  • Enter a group name
  • Add athletes by clicking the (+) icon beside their name
  • Click Save

2. Load Monitoring tool

  • Click Load Monitoring on the menu bar
  • In the Load Monitoring page, choose the 'Select Multiple' toggle
  • Select the athletes you want to group together.
  • Click the Save Group button, which will appear next to the Select Multiple toggle.
  • Enter a group name, and hit Save to create the new group.

To view your groups:

  • Go to the Load Monitoring page on TritonWear Insights
  • Below the load monitoring graph, select Groups to see a list of groups on your team
  • Click on the drop down arrow beside the group name to see a list of athletes in that group, and their individual numbers