How to hit your target load

The Load Monitoring tool prescribes target loads based on an athlete's data over the last 4 weeks. The target is represented by the middle of the green ACWR band on the load monitoring graph.

A red bar on the load monitoring graph signifies that the athlete has overtrained (exceeded optimal load)

An amber bar signifies that the athlete has undertrained (fell short of optimal load)

A green bar signifies that the athlete has hit their target load (stayed within the "sweet spot")

Through this tool, coaches can gauge whether they should continue implementing workouts with their current load, or increase/decrease based on where their athletes are for a given week. The goal is to get the athletes to stay in the green ACWR band, which is the optimal zone, based on the previous 4 weeks.

Hitting your target load:

  • On the Load Monitoring page of TritonWear Insights, click on the load number under Next Week's Target Load, beside the athlete's name.
  • This will show you Suggested Workout Load for the next week, which will suggest load, number of workouts next week, distance, and RPE to optimize training for next week.
  • Number of workouts, distance, or RPE can be modified, and the other variables will adjust automatically.
  • This allows you to plan next week's workouts with a target distance and intensity for optimal results.

Target Load