What are Training Groups?

Training Groups help you organize your swimmers based on their workout habits. Ideally these groups of swimmers will all be performing the same workout during practice.  

If you normally divide your swimmers into groups, and have each group run modifications of the main workout, training groups are for you.

For example, let's say we have a group of Distance Freestylers and a group of Sprinters who are training together during a workout, but their sets deviate slightly after the warmup. By assigning each swimmer to their training group, you can now monitor each group during the workout and review workout sessions in TritonWear Insights by Training Group.

We recommend you start using Training Groups, as we will be releasing many exciting features over the next few months that take advantage of these groups.

To get started with Training Groups, take a look at these articles:

  1. Setting Up Training Groups - You can now create new training groups and assign users to them in TritonWear Insights.
  2. Removing or Reassigning a swimmer from a Training group - Sometimes you may want to move swimmers from one group to another, or you want to move a swimmer to a special group (e.g. Injury group) for a period of time to monitor them more closely.
  3. Using Training Groups in TritonWear Live (the mobile app) - Once your training groups have been created, TritonWear Live loads them in and enables different ways to monitor your groups. Every now and then, you might have a swimmer who can't swim with their group (e.g. due to injury). In this event you might want to assign them to a different Training Group, or create a new temporary training group for this swimmer.