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Viewing your Activity Summary

How to view the summary of a previously tracked activity.

The Activity Summary allows you to quickly see the high-level details of a workout. 

Click or tap on the little arrow icon Asset 9 from any individual activity card, or the team icon team participants icon from a team activity card, in your activity feed. By default, you will be on the Summary tab(on the left) but also have the option to dive deeper if you choose the Details tab(on the right). 

Activity card iphone (2)Activity card (1)

On the Activity Summary tab, you will find several elements, including: 

  • An athlete card with the TritonScore (highlighted red if lower than 65), as well as broken down into their Readiness, Focus and Intensity scores for the workout

Tap or click on the words Readiness, Focus or Intensity from the summary page to access the score details pages for this workout.

  • The distance, duration, and pool length of the workout 
  • The workout summary graph
      • A visual display of the finer details of the workout, without all the data.
        • See which laps were fast or slow,
        • Explore rest time - was it higher, lower or as expected between reps, and consistent across sets?
        • Isolate laps by stroke type 
        • Enable speed and Heart Rate (if tracked) overlays to see how they peaked and levelled out across your sets, reps and laps.


  • The workout notes  
    • If looking at your own workout you will have the option to edit the notes. Use this to keep track of how your workout went, what sets you liked (or didn't like), and what had you feeling off or amazing, if either was the case. 
    • If you are looking at someone else's workout you can only view what they've written, you cannot make notes of your own. 
  • The training zone breakdown 
    • Reflect on the workout and if you spent the right amount of time across the various training zones for this workout. Were you on fire blasting past pace times and causing a less intense workout? Or on the opposite end, did you miss several pace times causing your workout to be more intense?