What do the latest updates mean?

Get up close and familiar with the latest updates to the TritonWear App and Firmware.

Sept. 2022

⭐Please delete your old app and install the new version.

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Note: Be sure to find out about the mandatory update required before your next workout. 

New Intensity with Critical Swim Speed (CSS)

  • 3 new Intensity tabs to enable data-driven seasonal plan iterations
  • New Triton Score layout, with planned vs actual intensity
  • All new universal Training Zones, built from world-renowned methodologies
  • All new AI-driven CSS delivers time in zone today, and for the last 7-30-90 days
  • Track energy system adaptations with a click - no test sets or lactate strips required

New to Focus

  • See workout distance for each stroke type 
  • Flip metric cards to see "Today", "My Average" and "Like Me" values 
  • Tap on any metric to see the progress graph below, split by pool distance 
  • Explore Focus over time by stroke type and swim phase

New to Readiness 

  • no more RPE - it’s workout ratings now 😉
  • New easier way to rate workouts 
  • See past 7 day average load and your next 7 day target load 
  • Use our Planning Guide to compare to load over time 

Heart Rate Integration

  • Now pairing with Polar Verity Sense Heart Rate monitors
  • 3 new heart rate live and historical metrics (Min, Max, and Average heart rate)
  • Overlay lap-by-lap pace and heart rate on workout summary graph
  • See Heart Rate Live every few seconds

Live Training

  • New set planned intensity when starting a workout
  • Live speed and heart rate, coloured-coded by training zone 
  • New athlete cards with 4 independently changeable metrics
  • Flip the athlete card for a brand new  fast data view
    • See rep distance, time, pace and heart rate, colour-coded by Training Zones
  • Zoom in on a single athlete card to take over the screen on iPads
  • Refreshed Live Workout details view

All New Workout Summary & Details

  • Isolate by stroke type on summary graph
  • New workout details layout with an easier set and rep  
  • New favourite metrics selection view
  • Overlay 2 metrics on summary graphs
  • Utilize "My Average" and "Like Me" in lap by lap detail 

New Teams

  • Now available on tablet and mobile
  • New Admin view to manage your entire organization 
    • Add, delete or edit all teams from one screen
  • Team members split by user type
  • Sort members how you want to see them
  • All new way to add and manage team members
  • New low score highlight to help surface the athletes that need help
  • Easier teams navigation from home page 

All New Memberships Section

  • Shared vs owned memberships information
  • Easily add units - just turn them on and scan
  • Easily assign units to users without knowing their email addresses
  • Filter units and users by membership sets

New to Settings

  • Pair and manage Polar Heart Rate devices 

New Look 

  • New stroke-type colours 
  • New Navigation 

Updated Navigation


Get the knowledge you need about the app updates with one click. Watch one of the training sessions

Mandatory Firmware Update

  • New update (v2.40) to your firmware with many improvements including kick detections and other accuracy as well as a more reliable infrastructure.
  • More specifically,

    • Improvements to stroke type detection, particularly for kicks.
    • Dive start timing detection reimplemented with better accuracy.
    • Improvements to set accuracy.

Note: This mandatory update will be required before your next workout. Visit the firmware instructions page for more details on how to update.