What does Status mean?

Status in Readiness lets you know how your last training went in terms of managing your injury risk

The science behind Readiness tells us that training load should increase or decrease steadily to keep athletes primed to perform. Any sharp increase or decrease in load impact the body's ability to recover. Readiness is designed to alert users when over or under-training occurs.


If the Readiness score 90 or higher, the athlete is training in the safe zone. Safe Zone refers to keeping load between 80 - 130% of the average weekly load over the past 4 weeks or 28 days.  If increasing load early in season, aim for 105 - 130%. During taper or decreasing ahead of a break, aim for 80 - 105%. 

If you are in the Safe Zone, your status will display as Safe, and your risk will be minimal.  If your Readiness score is under 90 something is wrong, your Status will let you know how far into Over or Under-training you are.