What is pitch rotation and how do I use it?

The Motion Analysis tool captures 3 types of rotation data: roll, pitch and yaw.

Pitch Rotation

Pitch rotation measures movement up and down, like a person nodding their head in agreement.

An example of positive pitch rotation is backward somersault, and conversely a forward somersault is an example of negative pitch rotation. A flip turn, by extension, will show as a large negative pitch.

Use pitch rotation to visualize and improve rotation speed in flip turns - faster rotation speeds during the flip will produce sharper, lower troughs on the graph.

To view pitch rotation on the graph:

  • Set the toggle to Rotation
  • Click the gear icon on the top right of the page and select Pitch
Clip stat_pitch

To see clip stats for pitch rotation, create or select a clip stat. Learn more about creating clip stats.

Also, learn about the difference between acceleration and rotation data, and the 3 Acceleration data types - forward, sideways and upward.