What is the difference between acceleration and rotation data?

You have the option to display acceleration or rotation data for any motion analysis session. Acceleration looks at linear movement, while rotation looks at angular movement. You can switch between the acceleration and rotation by clicking on the toggle.

Clip stat_rotation

Acceleration Data

Acceleration is the rate at which speed changes. The default acceleration setting in the Motion Analysis tool is global and forward, which measures an athlete’s acceleration down the pool. You can also turn on the toggles to see sideways and upward acceleration.

What you'll see with a clip stat selected

With a clip selected, and looking at the default global and forward acceleration, you will see a summary of acceleration stats for the clip stat timeframe. These include maximum acceleration, minimum acceleration, change in speed, time accelerating, speed gain, and speed drop.

Acceleration graph toggles

Learn more about the acceleration graph here.

Rotation Data

While acceleration shows you the changes in speed as a swimmer moves through the water, rotation shows you how fast they turn at an axis. Creating clip stats and displaying rotation data will also show you how much the angle changes within the selection portion of a swim.

You can turn on the toggles to see data for roll, pitch, and yaw rotation.

With a clip selected, you will see a summary data for the rotation stats toggled on for the clips timeframe. These include maximum clockwise rotation speed, maximum counter clockwise rotation speed and change in angle.

Clip stat_rotationtoggles

Learn more about the rotation graph here.