What is yaw rotation and how do I use it?

The Motion Analysis tool captures 3 types of rotation data: roll, pitch, and yaw.

Yaw Rotation

Yaw rotation measures rotation from side to side, as if a person where alternating tapping their ears on their shoulders, or as a continuous movement, it would resemble a cartwheel.

An example of a complete yaw rotation would be during a bucket back to breast turn (not a crossover).

You can use Yaw to work on bucket turns. Here you'll want to increase the peak or trough to quicken the turn speed.

You can also use Yaw to monitor rotation during non-breathing freestyle, or backstroke. In this case, toggle on both Yaw and Roll rotations, and look to see if there is more Yaw than Roll rotation, if so the swimmer may be snaking, adding slight distance to their length (and therefore time to their lap).

An important caveat here: because of the position the unit is worn on the head, there will always be a visible amount of yaw in freestyle. So do not overcorrect because of this.

To view yaw rotation on the graph:

  • Set the toggle to Rotation
  • Click the gear icon on the top right of the page and select Yaw
Clip stat_yaw

To see clip stats for Yaw rotation, create or select a clip stat. Learn more about creating clip stats.

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