Transition Metrics

These metrics measure your performance, skills and speed in all actions done during your turns/transitions

All metrics can be seen in the  Activity Details for a past workout or a Live Activity, those metrics that are also available in Focus Metrics are highlighted below.

Some of these metrics you may be familiar with, and some will be new. Learn more about how to improve your Transition metrics here.


Click on the name of any metric for a more in depth explanation of that metric, why it is important, and how it can be improved


  • Transition Time- Turn time + Pushoff time. Time from last stroke entry (when your hand hits water on last stroke before turn) to next split push end (when feet leave the wall). (Focus)

  • Turn Time- Time to change directions, from when the head dips below the water to when feet initially hit the wall (for flip turns). (Focus)

  • Turn Rate- The speed of your turn measured by the speed of your revolutions

  • Pushoff Time- Time spent pushing off the wall, from when feet first hit wall to when feet leave the wall. (Focus)

  • Push Max Acceleration- Peak acceleration during push-off. (Focus)

  • Push Strength- Index of accumulated total acceleration during push-off. (Focus)

  • Dive Time- Total time from the first movement to dive entry into water.

  • Dive Hang Time- Time from feet off the block to dive entry into water.

  • Dive Block Time- Time from the first movement to feet off.

Please note that for some of these metrics a higher number is more desirable (eg Push Strength), and for some, a lower number is more desirable (eg Turn Time).

Your Focus Metric scores will automatically invert those where a lower result is more desirable so that a high Focus score represents a better result.